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Read more about Brooklynn Chandler Willy and her expertise through her recent press and featured articles! Brooklyn Chandler Willy shares advice and tips on retirement, financial planning, entrepreneurship, business strategies and and more.

What Is a Pied à Terre? A Home Away From Home

Brooklynn Chandler Willy, financial advisor with Texas Financial Advisory, suggests taking your finances into account before buying a pied à terre. “Owning a pied à terre comes with additional costs such as monthly mortgage payments, property taxes, and other basic expenses of owning a home. If you are financially stable enough to afford a second property, or have the ability to rent the space out while you’re not there, a pied à terre can be a great option for you.”

Spotlight; Brooklynn Chandler Willy

Brooklynn Chandler Willy featured San Antonio Woman Magazine | Sep 13, 2016 | Business Woman Spotlight


Dossier: Texas Financial Advisory

Brooklynn Chandler Willy featured in San Antonio Woman Magazine | Jul 1, 2022 | July/Aug 22, The Dossier


Top Women Entrepreneurs of 2022 | Brooklynn Chandler Willy | San Antonio, Texas

Women have been making significant contributions to the innovation and growth of the entrepreneurial industry due to their hard work and dedication. Their ideas have been instrumental in developing various business domains and have inspired many aspiring female entrepreneurs.

What Is a Bear Market? | Brooklynn Chandler Willy | San Antonio, Texas

Is It Financially Better to Retire at Home or In a Retirement Community? | Brooklynn Chandler Willy | San Antonio, TX

Deciding whether or not to move into a retirement community or leave your home is a big decision worth taking a look at. There are many factors to consider, such as the cost of living and the likelihood that you’ll be unable to return to your old home.

Preparing for Life’s Most Essential Financial Moments | Brooklynn Chandler Willy

The most significant moments in our lives also tend to have a direct impact on our finances. That doesn’t mean people should avoid these moments – the opposite, but it does mean that some planning should come into play. Creating a financial plan for these moments and all of the changes they bring can help to guarantee […]

Brooklynn Chandler Willy on Inspiring Women on the Rise in 2021 | San Antonio, TX

When people imagine entrepreneurs, they typically picture a man in a nice suit. However, there are plenty of entrepreneurs out there who do not match this stereotypical image. Female entrepreneurs, for example. Female entrepreneurs are on the rise, and it’s not a real surprise. Entrepreneurs take control over their career paths, which many women have […]

Brooklynn Chandler Willy on Tips for Creating a Personal Financial Plan

Creating a personal finance plan is critical if you want to achieve financial security. Without a plan, you risk uncertainty that you otherwise shouldn’t have if you want to be financially stable. Thankfully, you won’t be the first to want to set a plan up—plenty of people have done so in the past, and plenty more will […]

What Is Inflation and How Does it Affect You?

Brooklynn Chandler Willy explains what your should know about inflation and how it affects you to help make better financial decisions.

What Millennials Need to Know About Retirement

Brooklynn Chandler Willy shares her insights on what millennials need to know about retirement and preparing for their future.

Female Entrepreneurs on the Rise in 2021 | Brooklynn Chandler Willy

When people imagine entrepreneurs, they typically picture a man in a nice suit. However, there are plenty of entrepreneurs out there who do not match this stereotypical image. Female entrepreneurs, for example.

Personal Finance Tips for College Students | Brooklynn Chandler Willy

While it is tempting to think that one can be too young to be concerned about finances, this is simply not the case. The younger a person starts better financial habits, the happier and healthier their finances will be in the long run. 

Debunking Myths About Retirement Planning | Brooklynn Chandler Willy

When it comes to creating a retirement plan, there is an overwhelming amount of information available online. At best, much of the information found online is misleading. At worst, it’s outright dangerous. 

Brooklynn Chandler Willy | The Eight Pillars of a Sound Retirement Strategy

Host Brooklyn Chandler Willy says in construction, the key to a sturdy, long-lasting house is the foundation. She says the same goes for people seeking to build a solid financial house for retirement.

Brooklynn Chandler Willy | Is your retirement plan on track?

Brooklyn Chandler Willy addresses one of the most common retirement planning questions: “Am I on track to retire?”

Brooklynn Chandler Willy | Key components to wealth management in retirement

Brooklyn Chandler Willy talks about what to focus on when investing during retirement