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Brooklynn Chandler Willy





A dedicated financial services professional, Brooklynn Chandler Willy is a talented entrepreneur and the Founder of Texas Financial Advisory, operating out of San Antonio.

For many working in financial services, the desire to pursue a career in finance is often sparked in higher education with a deeper dive into the industry. For Brooklynn, however, the decision came when – after the sudden death of her father, a life insurance salesman without insurance himself – she witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate the death of a family member both emotionally and financially at the same time. Brooklynn decided to pursue a career in retirement planning and financial services to help others be more informed and avoid being faced with a similar situation. 

In 2008, Brooklynn founded Texas Financial Advisory, where – for the past 13 years – she has been running the boutique Tax, Investment, and Estate Advisory Firm with a focus on catering to the goals and needs of the individuals with whom she works. Within the same year that she opened Texas Financial Advisory, the 2008 Financial Crisis struck and wiped out many small businesses. However, for Brooklynn Chandler Willy, who was still building the firm, the crisis helped her develop a conservative and respectful approach to managing the assets meant to last her clients the rest of their lives. She and her team work with each client closely to define their financial goals and determine the best ways to manage taxes, necessary paths to take, and how to optimize existing assets for their specific needs. 

Today, the firm – comprised of seven professionals holding more than 50 years of combined experience – offers a broad range of services with a narrow focus on providing the most comprehensive financial planning and investment solutions.  Brooklynn and the team are also proud to offer insurance products to better help their clients reach their goals. 

For the past eight years, since June 2012, Brooklynn Chandler Willy has also been hosting the “Texas Financial Advisory Show” on KTSA 550 AM and WOAI 1200 AM.

Brooklynn utilizes her knowledge and education often in her career. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Business, and Spanish from Baylor University in 2002, Brooklynn Chandler Willy attended St. Mary’s University School of Law. Here, she earned her Juris Doctorate of Law in 2005. In 2014, she attended the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, earning her CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) designation while also learning about Financial Planning and Services. 

To learn more about financial best practices, be sure to visit Brooklynn Chandler Willy’s blog page and check back often for the latest updates!


  • Registered Financial Consultant (RFC)
  • Juris Doctorate (JD)
  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)

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